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 I believe promoting wellness on all fronts is the best way to achieve your goals.



Hello all and welcome. I believe promoting wellness on all fronts is the best way to achieve your goals. Having always been passionate about serving others, my dream has been to advocate for people and their health. This will of course have different meanings for everyone, which is why it is important to treat each individual uniquely. Each person has different backgrounds, needs, and health and wellness goals they wish to reach. I hope to be here to guide you and help you along your journey.


As for me, I grew up sick, living in poverty, and my parents were both addicts/alcoholics. I had to grow up quickly and realized it was my choice to move forward. I chose to work through my barriers, which I had many, and show myself I am strong and that there are coping skills we can use that are beneficial. With hard work, I managed to put myself through school.


In 2016 I obtained my AA in Nutritional Sciences as well as my Certification as a Health and Wellness coach. I went on to graduate with honors with my BA in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, becoming a member of the PsyChi International Honor Society of Psychology. I have most recently obtained my MS in Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude, showing my children that whatever life throws at you, achieving your dreams is possible. After years of serious trauma and abuse at the hands of parents and partners, I learned that we all have so much to offer and healing is attainable.

My style is about support, compassion, empathy, and understanding. I have been on both sides of the metaphorical table. No shame, only genuine care, and a safe space to speak. Let’s work
together to create a healthier version of you.

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6 - 30 minute sessions able to be
completed within 6 months



advance beginner package

6 - 30 minute session with email
and text communications
between session


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12 - 30 minute session able to be
  completed within 6 months


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12 - 30 minute sessions
With email and text communication 
between sessions





1 - 90 minute session


fast track plan

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